Cearban: Dunstaffnage Bay to Krøttøya

Dawn breaks over the Highlands at Dunstaffnage Bay Marina, Dunbeg as Sealand Boat Deliveries pull out at first light for a timed delivery on the circuitous high load route to England via Kimelford, Lochgilphead and Inverary.

Svartfoss, alongside at Grimsby, has unloaded her cargo of refrigerated containers of fish and now hoists the cradled Cearban aboard using her versatile 50 tonne - 23 metre / 12,5 tonne - 25 metre crane. After a call in the Netherlands she will head north, serving ten Norwegian ports on the Eimskip 'orange line' before arriving in Russia at Murmansk.

On this voyage Svartfoss will lower Cearban back into the water in the bay at Harstad, a small port in Troms county known as Vågsfjordens perle, the Pearl of the Vågsfjorden.

The plan is for Steve Nygård of Harstad Marina AS to take a work boat out into the polar night to meet Svartfoss as she slows and turns in the bay at Harstad.

In the dark, all goes well.

Cearban in action. Winds touched force 12 during the first weeks in January 2017. Luke Saddler

Ellen and Einar Veimoen of Valhall Eiendom Krøttøy AS hosted the whale watchers at Valhall

The gods held their banquets here where Odin, king of all gods, ruled. Only the brave and worthy warriors that fell in battle came here. At Valhall they spent their time battling, eating and drinking. Each day they wore their army clothes and fought battles in the yard. After the battles, the slain got up uninjured and sat around the table, the best of friends. It was seen as honourable to die fighting and join the warriors at Valhall.

Griff Rhys Jones's celebrated Rhodes 45 sloop UNDINA alongside at Cherbourg, bound for Les Voiles de St Tropez.

Lifting UNDINA to a super-low trailer for a BTX move from Cherbourg to St Tropez in 2007.

Undina 2007

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To sail is necessary, to survive is not necessary.

Attributed by Plutarch to Gnaeus Pompeius who sent sailors to sea in bad weather to bring grain from Africa to Rome.

Ici on trouve la metéo, des vendeurs de bateaux, les spécialistes du transport bateau et la cyberbourse électronique des transporteurs.

Ein Amerikaner aus Kalifornien war 1997 unser erster Kunde. Er liess seine Yacht in Amerika von Küste zu Küste transportieren. Seit diesem ungewöhnlichen Boottransport, hat unsere Transportbörse hunderte von Yachtbesitizern mit anderen Bootstransporteuren in Verbindung gebracht. Stellen auch sie ihr Transportproblem auf dem BTX board dar. Die Bootstranporteure geben kostenlos Ratschläge und bieten ihnen Preise an.

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